PCA Women's Ministry Leadership Training 2019

More Information Here

All Women in the Church are Invited to Attend

Scholarships are available through the Pee Dee Presbytery with applications due by October 31st

If you are interested in a scholarship fill out the attached form and email your form to Marty Hodge

Women in Ministry is Now Accepting Nominations for PDP Women's Council

Positions to be filled: Treasurer, Vice President and Secretary

Please see bylaws for descriptions of the positions to be filled

Please send nominations to Louise Covington  and include name, church, and email address

Spring Gathering and Annual Meeting 2019

Kingstree Presbyterian Church on March 9th at 9:00

More information here and registration here

Pee Dee Women in the Church consists of all the women of the Pee Dee Presbytery churches and exists for the purpose of connecting our women together through: Retreats and gatherings for spiritual growth and fellowship; Communicating PCA resources and opportunities; and Providing help and encouragement to local Women in the Church organizations.

Women in the Church By-Laws

The Presbytery Women in the Church organization is guided by a constitution and its leadership consists of the council listed below 

You can also learn more at our Pee Dee Presbytery Women Facebook group

President - Patti Angulo, Surfside Presbyterian, Surfside
Vice President - Mayme Carsten, Kingstree Presbyterian, Kingstree
Women in Ministry Coordinator - Debbie Brown, Mouzon Presbyterian, Kingstree
Treasurer - Ann Harrington, Union Presbyterian, Salters
Secretary - Louise Covington, Grace Presbyterian, Conway

Fall Retreat Coordinator – Laura McFadden, Union Presbyterian, Salters